Lambs for Sale in Gaylord, MI



100$ Discount - Offer Valid When You Purchase Four or More Sheep for a Starter Flock

Whether you want to establish a high-quality flock or take one or two lambs home as pets or new 4H projects, we’ve got you covered with our available 

There’s nothing like soft fleece against your skin, and we can provide you with the best fleece material on the market.

Learn About Wind Dance Jacobs

If you’re looking for Jacob sheep or raw fleece, you’ve come to the right place. Based in Gaylord, Michigan, Wind Dance Jacobs is the only Jacob sheep-breeding farm in Northern Michigan. We sell our lambs, as well as an occasional ewe or ram, in early July. Meanwhile, our fleece is sold in late April.

You can expect top-quality sheep, outstanding wool material, and competitive pricing when you come to our farm. All of the sheep in our flock are genetically sound, and many of them are F and G-registered generations. Feel free to come by our welcoming farm and see the sheep for yourself.

Learn More About Wind Dance Jacobs

Contact us today to expand your flock with strong and healthy lambs from our one-of-a-kind sheep-breeding farm.